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A Guide to Wedding Sand.

Wedding sand ceremonies have turned to be one of the most popular traditional wedding ceremonies that we have today. Consequently, it has substituted unity candle wedding ceremonies to become the most popular. The ceremony involves a bride and a groom both pouring colored unity sand into a vase. The sand is later combined to form an inseparable mix used to mean that in the same manner, the couple will remain together.

There is a variety of ways to conduct a wedding sand ceremony. You may decide to include other people, friends, children, family, and guests. In some instances, your guests, children, and family will receive their colored sand so that they can fully participate in the event.

Unlike the traditional unity candle lighting ceremony, wedding sand ceremonies can be conducted in any weather. This is especially significant when you are having an outside event. Unity candle ceremonies may be affected by bad weather making it hard to light candles. However, for the wedding sand ceremonies the wedding sand can withstand any weather. A wedding sand is similar to a vase with the exception that it is used to hold the colored sand for as long as the couple lives.

The ceremony begins by the minister pouring white sand into the main vase. This symbolizes the purity of the faith that both the groom and the bride have towards their relationship. The groom then pours a small amount of his colored sand into the main vase. The bride then does the same with her colored sand soon after the groom stops pouring his. They keep on doing this to sustain the different layers of colored sand. They pour the last of their individual portions together finish the bond. The blending of the sand means that the bride and the groom have been joined together in unity.

The end of the ceremony comes after closing the top of the vase with a stopper and after the priest has blessed the union. The vase is placed at the cake table on the reception and it is later transported home to be guarded safely by the couple.

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A wedding Sand Ceremony is possibly the right wedding for you. Their traditional sensation, elegant color themes, sophisticated symbolization of love and sense of purpose are all a thing to be admired.